Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Sum of Our Splendid Parts

Davitron and & I (TricotChico) have realised that, though we're definitely on the same page as friends, we're going in slightly different directions creatively. We still have a project or two that have been in development for a while & that we want to collaborate on, but in the meantime, we've decided to publish our patterns individually, rather than as a Splendid duo.

Naturally, you'll continue to see the same innovation & style from us that you've come to love, though it may be presented in slightly different ways. You are welcomed & encouraged to follow our individual journeys via our respective blogs, linked here: Davitron (David Castillo) & TricotChico (Homero Luna).

Yours in yarn,
The Splendor Boys


Splendor said...


Einen umfangreichen, übersichtlichen und informativen Blog hast du hier. Als gutes Beispiel dient dieser Artikel...

Immer wieder schön zu sehen das sich Leute noch so viel Mühe machen.


Hollandurlaub said...


ja finde ich auch und besonders weil er sich so viel mühe gibt und sogar deutsche kommentare veröffentlicht.

cassie min said...

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Hope you can visit my blog sometime,
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