Saturday, January 3, 2009

Who Are These Guys? What is This? What's Going On Here?

You're here and you're curious and you want to know why this blog is here and why you should care. I get it, I do; it's the same thing I wonder in situations like these. Two boys in love with yarn created this blog to chronicle our joys and triumphs (hopefully) and also our madnesses (hopefully not so much) when it comes to things yarney and knitterly.

These Boys In Love With Yarn are David (aka Davitron) and Homero (aka TricotChico [rhymes w/'Romero' but the H is silent--ed.]), who each started knitting for similar reasons, though indipendently of each-other. In both cases, the soon-to-be knitter wanted a scarf that couldn’t be found at a retail shop, so we each took up needles and sallied forth into the world of yarn, knitting sticks, knits, and purls.

Once these projects were complete (or nearly so), we each started to think of other garments and accessories that we wanted and launched our own pattern searches. Though our tastes and goals differed slightly, the crux was the same: neither of us could find readily-available hand-knitting patterns for menswear and accessories that were quite what we wanted. We’d find a pattern and make mental notes of changes we’d make, which generally resulted in a whole new creation. So, here we are: we’ve designed much of what we’ve knit and find that the next reasonable step is to share these designs with others who have shown interest. With our powers combined, we are Splendor (<= Ravelry link).

Our tastes and aesthetics differ from each-other's slightly, but mostly exist at the intersection of punk/hip/electro/and classic. In making patterns for hand-knitting, though our ultimate goal is the same: to make stuff we(/he)’ll actually wear.

The process of getting going has proved a little longer than we originally expected, but stay tuned! We’re not going anywhere, and patterns are coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you guys. I've read several of your posts -- most helpful or instructional in content. I can't believe how accomplished you are in such a short time. Keep it up and we'll be right there cheering your successes.

Now Am Found! said...

what the heck is a backward cast on and what is a m1 stitch? beautiful scarf and hat